Telos VSet - Using Test Mode

Starting test mode will disconnect the Vset from the phone system and will be inoperable until reboot.

Accessing Test Mode

  1. Press the MENU button and look for the SETUP option. 

If you have a VSet6, you will need to scroll down using the soft keys to the right of the screen or the Line “6” key to the left of the screen. 

  1. Hold the numbered line key next to SETUP down for fjve seconds and release.
  2. Once in the SETUP menu, look for an item called TEST MODE. It’s at the bottom of the list. 
  3. Press the numbered line key next to TEST MODE, and this will start the program.

Dead Pixel Test

  1. Select Dead Pixel Test from the menu
  2. Press the “NEXT >>” button to enter stage 1. 

The display(s) will turn all white. Inspect these screens for pixel defects.

  1. Pressing “NEXT >>” again will start stage 2.

A vertical single-pixel-wide black line will scroll across the screen, allowing you to check for more pixel defects.

  1. Press NEXT again to start test 2.

Keyboard Test

  1. Press each key on the Vset one at a time. Press for long enough to confirm status on the screen
  • Checks all of the keys on the VSet’s front panel.
  • You will see a visual representation of the buttons on the display.  They are color-coded to indicate status:
    • Red means the key has not been pressed. 
    • Yellow means the key is in the down position (closed).
    • Green means the key has been pressed but is now in the up position (open). 
The screen should only show Yellow when the key is in the down position. If a key flashes yellow and green while being held down, this may indicate a problem with that key. 
  1. Press the NEXT >> button again to move on to test 3.

Microphone Test

  • Checks to ensure proper handset and headset microphone functionality. 
  • The audio captured by the microphone is played back to the speaker.
  1. Using the handset, talk into the mic, listen to yourself and observe the volume meter. 
  • Use the dial pad’s 1, 2, or 3 keys to switch between outputs.
  • If distortion is heard, move on to the speaker test to verify that it is a problem with the mic and not the speaker. 
  1. Press NEXT >> to go to the next test.

Speaker Test

  • Checks for proper functionality of the speakers used in the VSet. 
  • If there was distortion or missing audio in the last test, this would help narrow things down a bit further. 
  • You should hear the ringtone playing on the VSet’s speaker.
  1. Check the volume meter and use keys 1, 2, and 3 on the dial pad to switch the output between the handset, headset, and speaker. 
  2. Press NEXT >> to move on to the next test.

Network Test

This test will test the connectivity of the VSet using TCP, UDP, and Multicast sockets. 

  1. Enter the IP address for the VSet and press the NEXT >> button.
  • The network test will begin testing the connectivity of the VSet.
  • The VSet will be listening to port 80 for TCP, port 40000 for UDP, and for multicast. 
  • Observe the on-screen for each socket as well as the network stats as the test progresses. 
  • The data shown echoes the data sent to the VSet over the network.

Exiting Test Mode

  1. To exit test mode and restore the VSet to service, power cycle it.

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