Turning Off the Internal RDS

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This document explains how to completely turn off the internal RDS of the Omnia.11.


The controls for the internal static RDS in the Omnia.11 can be a bit confusing. Here's how to ensure that it is fully turned off if it is not needed.


The internal RDS settings are only available from the front panel of the unit in the Setup / RDS screen.

The "RDS Level" control must be set to 0.0% in order for the RDS carriers to disappear. So that is the actual  "RDS Off" setting.

The "Mode" switch just kills the (static) data being fed to the carriers (the "No Data" setting) but they are still present. Also, the status indication in the RDS icon button follows that switch, so an "Off" indication there really means "RDS Data Off" and not "RDS Off".

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