Telos VSet port forwarding


This document covers the TCP and UDP ports used between a Telos VSet and a Telos VX, Hx6, or iQ6. It can also be applied to screening programs that use RTP audio such as VX Producer.


If you are placing a VSet at some location other than on the same network with your Telos VX, Hx6, or iQ6 there are certain ports that you will need to accommodate. While not specifically supported by Telos, routing the VSet IP traffic should be possible. All of the traffic is unicast.

Here is a breakdown of the ports needed;

  • TCP 20518 - Control port connection to the VX
  • UDP 40000 - RTP audio stream from VX, Hx6, or iQ6 to the VSet
  • UDP 62000-63023 - RTP audio stream from VSet to back to the VX, Hx6, or iQ6

The audio connection is made with full PCM audio data at 8 kHz, 16 bit. You will need a stable network connection capable of 128Kbps in each direction plus some overhead for control.

Note: Be sure to create the port forwards at both routers: the one servicing the VSet and the one servicing the phone hybrid system.
Hot Tip: In most VX Installations, the VSets and screening clients are connected to the LAN network, but the remote client will be connecting via the Internet, so it will use the WAN port instead of the LAN port. To support this, go to the VX's Main Configuration page and enable LWCP under WAN Services. This will allow VSets (and remote clients) to connect to the VX via the WAN port.

Some Considerations

Keep in mind that the Gateway in the VX is bound to the WAN port only. Even if you specify an address on the LAN network as the Gateway with the WAN port active, it will still try to route the data to the WAN interface anyways. The only way to bind the Gateway to the LAN port is to disable the WAN port in the VX's main configuration page.

While not specifically designed for this, this should be possible, however, there could be unknown problems. For example, it is unknown how the VSet will behave in the face of packet loss or other connections that are not fast enough or robust enough to support the connection. This will be very binary. That is to say, it will either work, or it will not. The VSet was designed to be used on the local network and therefore no settings or provisions are available for other than perfect networks..

In other words... YMMV

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