Adding Custom Ringtones to your VX

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This document details how to upload custom ringtones to your VX, VX Prime, VX Prime+ and VX Enterprise VoIP phone systems.

This does not pertain to the Hx6, iQ6 or legacy Telos phone systems.

The Process

Ringtones need to first be uploaded on the Ringtone Configuration page of the VX Web user interface.

The recordings uploaded must be in the *.au format, 8Khz linear PCM.

To upload a custom ringtone:

  1. Click on Tones under the Configuration Tab of your VX.
  1. Click Ringtones under the Tones Tab.
  1. Browse for the desired file. Upload the file. Apply the changes.

Now that ringtones are uploaded, they need to be assigned on the Show Configuration page of the VX Web user interface.

To assign a custom ringtone:

  1. Under the Shows Tab, click on the name of the show you wish to assign the custom ringtones.
  2. On the dropdown menu of the specific line position you want to assign, select the desired ringtone.

In the above example, we want to change the Warm Line to Ringtone 2.

  1. Hit the Apply button.
  1. Reboot the VX system.

Any ringtone can be assigned to any line position.

If two lines ring at the same time, ringtones with higher numbers will take precedence. For example, if one line has ringtone #1 assigned to it and another line has ringtone #5, the VSet will play ringtone #5.

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