QOR Console Replacement Fader Knobs

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This document covers fader knobs for the following QOR consoles:

  • iQ console
  • iQx console
  • Radius console
  • DESQ
  • RAQ

Replacement Knobs

QOR consoles are equipped with solid black fader knobs.

Replacements are available for purchase.

Contact Customer Support for pricing information using part number 1453-00080-100.

While the design of this fader knob was selected to fit the look and style of QOR series consoles, Element, Fusion and Quasar fader knobs also fit QOR console faders.

We do not recommend replacing vertically installed console (i.e. RAQ) fader knobs with other types of console knobs. Other styles of fader knobs may fit slightly looser, causing them not to stay on the modules properly.

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