Reset user password on Nodes

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This applies to the Axia "classic" nodes as well as the xNodes.


The user password has been reset to something other than the default password of blank and you do not know what it is.

Reset using Putty or other terminal program

  1. Using a terminal program like PuTTY, connect (RAW) to the node on port 93
  2. All in caps, type the following where ^ is the CTRL character.
Note that this not the "up caret"
You need to type LOGIN(ctrl+B)(ctrl+A)(ctrl+F)
  1. Press enter.
This will move you to a new line (no other confirmation is shown)
  1. Type (in caps) PASSWD then press the space key once, then press enter.

Your "user" password on your node has now been set to blank.

If you are using a telnet client to do this, you will need to issue a carriage return (enter key) or two to clear the command line before beginning this process.

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