Using RT+ on Omnia.9/9.SG RDS

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This document describes how to use RT+ on the Omnia.9 and 9.SG


Using RT+ on the Omia.9 and 9.SG


RadioText Plus or RT+ is “semantic analogue radio”. It allows the RDS feature RadioText (RT) to be understood by FM RDS receiving terminals. ... The elements can also carry additional service messages or information about the Radio Station such as the telephone number or the web address of the Radio Station's hotline.

RT+ has been supported in the Omnia.9 since version 3.18.99.


In the 9/9sg you can use it by using \+ and \- in the text, for example \+tiTitle\- marks Title as the title, \+ar for artist, \+ww for an URL. \+00 - \+63 can be used for any other RT+ data for which we didn't create easy-to-remember shortcuts.

So basically:

Now playing \+tiSong title\- by \+arArtist name\-

It also works via UECP.

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