How to install ping utility in Ubuntu

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This document demonstrates how to install the ping utility in Ubuntu. In context, this is for Telos containerized systems using the Ubuntu operating system. There is plenty of help on the internet for; we're providing this to you here in the hope that it will be helpful. Please refer to the documentation for your OS for any additional details.


When trying to execute a ping command, you may receive a response ping: not found.

Install Ping

We'll update the apt information first, and then install ping.

  1. From the command prompt, run the following command;
    apt update
    You may be required to run with elevated privileges using sudo, for example sudo apt update.
    The system will respond with a list of packages updated and then return to the command prompt.
  2. Install ping by running the following command;
    apt-get install iputils-ping
    You should see a response similar to this and then it will return to the command prompt.

Ping is now installed on your system.

If your system is a system running Docker with multiple containers, you may need to install ping individually in each container.
If either apt update or apt-get install fails then your system has no internet access.

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