Enabling the Omnia.9 MPX Inputs and Making Them Visible in the Modulation Monitor Displays

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This document explains how to enable the two Omnia.9 MPX inputs and enable them to show up in the modulation monitor displays.


I can't remember how to enable the MPX 1 and 2 inputs and get them to show up on the Modulation (Numeric) or Modulation Monitor displays. What's the magic combination?


First, make sure that "MPX Inputs" is turned on in System / System Configuration / Processing Paths. Click "Apply Configuration" and reboot if needed.

Then click in the display area, choose an unused display (from Display 1 to Display 8) and choose "Modulation Monitor" and then "Modulation Numeric" or "Modulation Meters" as desired.

Finally, navigate to FM / Meter Options / Meter Options and make sure "MPX In 1" and "MPX In 2" are checked as desired. Now the MPX input(s) you checked should appear in both "Modulation Numeric" and "Modulation Meters".

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