Logging in to Asterisk


How to log in to the terminal and GUI of a Telos-configured FreePBX (Asterisk) server, often provided as part of a Telos VX system.

Any information provided here regarding "Asterisk" or "FreePBX" servers refers only to Telos-commissioned FreePBX (Asterisk) servers used with Telos Alliance telephony products. While these are third-party servers and software, we are able to provide limited pointers and advice (like this article) under normal support.  If your Asterisk system was not configured by Telos, it would be best to contact the administrator of your configuration.


The command-line terminal and web-based GUI of the Asterisk system configured by Telos both have a required login. Once the user has logged into the terminal, commands can be issued to start the user interface (startx) and other command-line based functions.

Login for Terminal:

Username: root
Password: telos7225

Login for Web GUI:

User: wwwadmin
Password: telos7225

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