QOR Console Faceplates

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Sometimes customers wish to refurbish a QOR console that was either "handed down" to them or one that needs some cosmetic improvements and will reach out to see if we have specific faceplates available.

The Faceplate

iQ Console faceplate (1451-00529-109):

DESQ Console faceplate (1451-00653-102):

We do stock most faceplates and will try to acquire any that are needed. If a faceplate is desired, contact Customer Support and ask for availability and pricing information using the following part numbers:

  • iQ Console - 1451-00529-109
  • iQ 8-Fader Expansion - 1451-00531-109
  • iQ 6-Fader Expansion + Options Keys - 1451-00532-110
  • iQ 6-Fader Telco Expansion - 1451-00530-109
  • iQ AES67 Console - 1451-01016-101
  • Radius Console - 1451-00516-107
  • DESQ Console - 1451-00653-102
  • RAQ Console - 1451-00649-103

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