Changing Web Password From Master Panel and Desktop Station

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This document covers the process of setting a password for the web interface of your Infinity Master Panel or Desktop Station.

The default username is user while there is no password, which means the password field should be left blank.

Changing the Password

From the faceplate of your Master Panel or Master Desktop Station, select:

  1. Menu
  2. Setup
  3. System
  4. Web Password
  5. Set New Password

Use the paddle switch to create your desired password, choosing letters, numbers, and symbols.

You can also have blank spaces within your password.
Passwords are case-sensitive.

If there is no password currently set, you will see a message stating as much.

This message will change once a password is set.

Removing the Password

To remove the web interface password (meaning you will leave the password field blank), toggle to the Web Password menu using the directions above.

You will see Clear web password.

Toggle down and then confirm by selecting OK on the paddle switch on the lower right.

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