Does iQx offer the same EQ and dynamics that QOR-based iQ has?

Updated by Bryan Jones


This document applies to the following consoles;

  • iQ Console (with QOR Engine)
  • Radius Console (with QOR Engine)
  • DESQ Console (with QOR Engine)
  • RAQ Console (with QOR Engine)
  • iQx Console
  • 8 Fader expansion frame
  • 6 Fader User button expansion frame
  • 6 Fader Phone expansion frame


With regard to dynamics and EQ processing of sources, all consoles listed above function exactly the same.

All source types have individual EQ processing as shown here.

Dynamics processing is only available to Microphone source types. This includes;

  • Operator Microphone
  • CR Producer Microphone
  • CR Guest Microphone
  • Studio Guest Microphone
  • External Microphone

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