Setting Up a Syslog Server for Logging the Z/IPStream R/1

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This TelosHelp doc explains where to find and how to set up a small external syslog server to log the Z/IPStream R/1


The internally logging in the Z/IPStream R/1 is not saved after a reboot. Additionally, the internal log storage is very small. To maintain the logs after a reboot or keep logs for longer than the storage allows in the R/1, Telos recommends the use of a Syslog server. Many facilities already have a syslog sever set up. The next steps will show you how to install a free Syslog server offered by Telos as well as configure your Z/IPStream R/1.

Logging to a Syslog Server

Install Telos Syslog Server

Telos has a small, software portable Syslog server that is free to use on any Windows computer. Please click here for that document. The document contains download links and instructions to use the file.

Set your Z/IPStream R/1 to log to the server

Syslog server is enabled from the WebUI of the Z/IPStream R/1
  1. Log in to the main Web UI of your Z/IPStream R/1.
  2. From the Main menu, click on the Advanced Options link.
  3. Click on Log and Date/Time.
  4. Under Remote Logging support, select SysLog server from the drop-down list.
  5. Enter a server address. This is the IP address of the computer where you installed the Syslog server in the previous step.
  6. Click Save
No reboot is required. Your Z/IPStream R/1 is now logging to your syslog server. If you do not see messages, check the Firewall of the computer where Syslog.exe is installed. Syslog uses UDP port 514 to send messages and that needs to be open on the receiving computer.

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