Adding a serial adapter to your Z/IP ONE

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This document covers the use of a USB Serial dongle to send serial (RS-232) data over a Z/IP ONE connection.

Supported versions

All versions of the Z/IP One software are supported.


The Z/IP ONE can transport RS-232 serial data, which is also synchronized with audio delivery. Serial data transport is useful to carry RDS/RBDS data as well as other serial data. Serial data is supported up to 9600 bps.


The Z/IP ONE includes drivers for this adapter, and there is no requirement to install additional software.

Connecting RS-232 serial data requires the use of this USB to RS-232 adapter from SYBA Multimedia, p/n SY-ADA15006. This adapter is thoroughly tested and supported for use with the Z/IP ONE.

Other adapters that use the same serial chipset as this cable may work as well; however, this is the only cable tested by Telos.

Obtaining a cable

This cable is available from many sellers online or is available for purchase from Telos. Please contact us and request part number 2091-00140, USB Serial Adapter cable for your Z/IP ONE.

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