There's Audio Levels But All Faders Are Down

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This document explains why you might see levels on your iQx console, even if all faders are down.

This only pertains to the iQx and not other QOR consoles.

The Up Arrow

If the program meters are showing levels, but all faders on your iQx are down, chances are that there is at least one fader on your console that is displaying three arrows (pointed either up or down) on its OLED.

The up arrows (or down arrows) are an indication that the fader value in the engine is different from the physical fader position on the console. The direction of the arrows is telling you which way the physical fader needs to be moved to catch the true engine fader value.

The arrows will go away if you move the fader high enough (or low enough in the event of down arrows) to 'grab' the true position of the fader.

You will now have typical control of your console with your faders.

The Cause

If there is a remote control of some kind in use (Axia IP-Tablet, a Pathfinder virtual fader, etc), it has control of the engine and its fader is at a different setting than the console fader.

If you don't have any sort of remote application, then it's likely that your fader gain is higher (or lower if there down arrows) than the physical fader level in the Remote tab under Console Control in the GUI.

In the below example, the channel one physical fader is completely down, but the fader is set to +5 dB in the Remote tab, causing the levels of CD 1 to show on the meters.

Once you 'grab' control of the console with the physical fader, refresh the GUI and the fader gain level will match the fader on the console.

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