Sharing the Omnia.9 NfRemote Connection Database and Display Options

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This document covers how to export and move/share the NfRemote connection database and display configurations to another PC.


I am wondering if there is a way to export the list of logins I have made for the Omnia 9 and import them into another computer. I have a dozen different logins saved and it would be nice not to have to do it manually, one by one.



The connection database is in the registry.


It’s the “Data” binary value.

You can export from regedit, and import on another machine by double-clicking on the REG file.

Before sharing, I recommend opening it in Notepad and deleting the “Installed”, “Path” and “Timestamp” values, leaving only the “Data” value, so that these system-specific keys don’t get imported into other systems.


As for the display configurations, you’ll find them in:



There is one ini file per unit you connect to, per instance.

 For example, connecting to OMNIA9 with serial number 99901, the file name will be:

 Omnia.9 - OMNIA9-99901 - Remote (1).ini

 If you start another NfRemote instance in parallel, it’ll be

Omnia.9 - OMNIA9-99901 - Remote (2).ini


There are several command line parameters available, most of them are listed in:



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