The PTP4L container on the VX/s Host keeps Rebooting

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This applies to the PTP4L container for the VX/S system running on a Linux host only.


Sometimes after installation, you might find that the ptp4l container crashes and reboots constantly. You'll know this is happening if you type sudo docker ps -a into your host's command line and see this next to your ptp4l container:

Restarting (0) 23 seconds ago

Usually this will happen because there is no Ethernet interface bound to the container. The remedy is pretty simple.

  1. First, determine the Ethernet interface being used for AoIP using ifconfig
  2. Once you determine the correct interface, make note of it's name and add it to the PTP4L_ARGS line of the .env file in your ptp4l configuration directory located at /opt/telos with the parameter -i like this:
root@host:/opt/telos/ptp4l# cat .env
PTP4L_ARGS= -i eno2
Note that you'll need to use Vim, Nano, or your favorite text editor to make this change.
  1. Shut down the container using sudo docker-compose down from your ptp4l configuration directory
  2. Turn the container back up using sudo docker-compose up -d from your ptp4l configuration directory.

Check that the container is now successfully running using sudo docker ps -a :

Up 30 seconds

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