Axia QOR version software, update instructions, and release notes

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This article covers software updates for the following products;

  • 2001-00276-000: QOR.32 Integrated Console Engine
  • 2001-00274-000: QOR.16 Integrated Console Engine

QOR Engines are used with the Axia iQ, Radius, RaQ, and DesQ consoles.

Note that while some consoles look similar, this does not apply to the Axia iQx Console.

Preparation for the update

An Axia QOR Engine has two internal memory “banks.” Each bank contains room for a complete version of operating software. This approach allows a software update to be completed and checked without danger of making the unit inoperable if the download were to be incomplete or corrupted. It also provides an easy way to try a new software version and still return to the old version.

You can see the software version in each bank from the Setup web page. The lower half of this screen, pictured below, shows the software versions present and allows you to select the bank used at startup. To change banks, click the radio button for the desired bank and then click on Change active bank.

IMPORTANT! The QOR will reboot after you click ‘Change active bank’. Rebooting results in loss of audio locally, and at any unit using the local sources.

Upload new software

  1. Click here to download the update and save it to a location on your computer.
This file must be uploaded to your QOR precisely as is. You can change the name of the file when you save it, however, do not attempt to unpack the archive.
  1. Using a Web browser, connect to the QOR to be updated.
  2. Click on the Setup link under System on the left-side menu.
  1. Under the Software update heading, click on the "Choose File" button, browse for, and select the update file you downloaded in the first step.

Once updated, the name of the file you have uploaded will be displayed to the right of the Choose File button, as shown.

  1. Click the Upload image button.

The new version automatically uploads to the unused software bank. Please ensure that the new version number is displayed.

  1. When you are ready, select the new version by clicking the radio button next to it, then click the "Change active bank" button.

Release Notes


New Features

  • Automix.
  • Source Unload Request.
    • For sources in "Used EW" mode, add soft-key function to request unload. Press and hold soft-key for 3 seconds. Then release and push again within 5 seconds to confirm.
  • PHONE bus is now an available external output
  • Auto-Rec backfeed mode.
    • A new "Feed to Source" mode is added in the Source profiles called, Auto-Rec (Program 1/Phone), which controls what the caller hears based on the state of the Record Mode rather than the console on/off state.
  • Record Insert mode switch (pre/post fader).
    Fader start workflow is not compatible with P4-Record which is OFF but Post-Fader. In Fader start, moving the fader changes state to ON.
    • Added option to set the channel insert to the P4-Record as PreFader. In the Source profile, set the Record insert option as pre or post-fader. (Post Fader is the default)
  • Show Source name when a fixed phone line is used.
    • The behavior of Fixed Phone sources is changed so that the Source Name is always displayed. The Line status is shown on the second line in smaller text.


  • Fixed issue where entering an invalid IP-Address could make the unit inaccessible.
  • Fixed issue where some LWCP messages may get delayed.
  • Fixed wrong response to LWRP "MTR OCH" command.
  • Fixed Daylight Saving Time Auto Adjust in cases where NTP is not used.
  • Fixed rare case where NTP status is not updated correctly.
  • Fixed some small memory leaks in LWCP processing (profile lists and invalid messages).
  • Fixed dynamic meters in cases where source audio signal is not on the left channel.

Compatibility Improvements

  • Generate Fast Clock compatible with some older Engine based products (although not RTP and AES-67 compliant)

New Features

  • Improvements in IP-Tablet Support.
  • LWRP: add meter subscriptions.
  • LWRP: remove RMS meters, match xNode behavior.
  • LWCP: add mon object events.
  • LWCP: translate src_id between 0 and -1.
  • LWCP: add fader gain subscriptions.
  • General optimizations for remote control interfaces.
  • Improved profile editing experience. Enter key would save profiles.
  • Allow MIC source combining. Now that xNode has mixer it is possible to have a stream with 2 mics, one on Left,`one on Right. This allows mic source in QOR to be either left or right and to put both mics on the mix from single stream.
  • multicast GPIO commands are sent in a single message if possible.


  • Fixed a rare case where QOR might wrongly become Livewire master even if there are other Livewire devices with higher clock master priority.
  • Brightness is not applied after configuration restore.
  • Fix CR Monitor GPIO 4th pin state after show load.
  • General HTML fixes.

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