Why do channel OLEDs say INACTIVE on an expansion console?

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This document only explains why each channel is displaying INACTIVE on an expansion frame that is connected to an iQx.

If INACTIVE is displayed on either an iQ, Radius, DESQ or RAQ mainframe or an expansion connected to one of those mainframes, click here.

The INACTIVE Display

Chances are that the OLEDs are "inactive" because the expansion console is not actively connected to the iQx.

The Fix

To properly connect the expansion to the iQx, log into the IP address of the iQx and select the Console Config tab under Module Manager. If the console port that the console is plugged into doesn't display "Ok!" in the status column, the console needs to be captured.

Note that Console 1 will always be greyed out with Console Main on an iQx.

Use the Function dropdown menu on the Console Port that the expansion is connected to and select the correct console being used.

The three different expansion frames are listed as Console Phone, Console Ext 6 and Console Ext 8.

No matter what type of expansion is physically connected to the iQx (or even if a frame is not connected to the port), the frame will default to Console Ext 8.

In the example above, a Phone Control console is connected to the iQx.

Click Apply and the console should display "Connected" with the correct number of console channels.

At this point, different shows and sources can be loaded and the console channels should accurately display the correct sources.

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