Will my CPU support a Forza FM continer?

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Forza is available (or will soon be available) as a HD/Streaming-only variant with no FM processing components. And, separately available as an FM Processor.

This document speaks only to CPU choices as it relates to the FM Variant. If you will NOT be running Forza FM, this document does not apply to you.

Forza FM takes advantage of more modern CPU variants and, as such, not all CPUs are capable of running Forza FM. In this doucument will will tell you how to check and see if your CPU has the proper flags (features) to support FM Processing in Forza. Again, as stated above, if you are using this for streaming, HD Radio, or other NON-FM purposes your system will be fine without these flags.

Also of note, this document does not speak to capacity of any CPU or system to support multiple Forza FM Processors. It only covers minimum base "flags" that you CPU must have.

Root level ssh or terminal access will be required for the following steps

Checking your system's CPU flags

  1. Connect to your system. You can use local KVM terminal access to perform these checks. Alternately (as in this example you may do so using ssh and a terminal program like PuTTy.
  2. Make an ssh (if enabled on your system) or Terminal connection to you system that will be Hosting Forza FM
  3. From the prompt, run the command;
~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo

  1. You will be presented with lots of information about the CPU in your system. One per CPU core. They should all be the same, but based on CPU architecture, they may not always be identical. In this example they are.
  2. The following is a response from the first CPU core in our example system.

  1. Check the flags: information on your system for a the flag "av2x2" as shown here.
If your system does not have the avx2 flag, it is NOT capable of hosting a Forza FM container.

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