Putting a Quasar Console surface in test mode

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This document applies to the Axia Quasar console with XR or SR Fader modules. XR Fader Modules are characterized by motorized faders and the individual meter displays next to each fader. The SR Fader Modules have standard faders and no confidence meters next to the fader.

The test procedure is the same regardless of which faders you have. However, the Fader movement tests would not affect the SR Faders.


The Axia Quasar surface includes a System Test mode that can help you differentiate between configuration issues an possible hardware problems.

As a couple of examples;

A button doesn't illuminate as expected. This could be a configuration issue where you might LOCK a button. A fader may not move where or when you expect it to. This could be a profile setting or other configuration issue.

The System Test is included as a quick way to verify the base functionality of the Quasar surface without interference from console profile settings.

Here's a video of the steps covered below.

Entering System Test mode

  1. Press and hold the MON/OPT button between the CR HEADPHONE and CR SPEAKER controls. You must hold this for approximately five seconds before the MTS display will change.
  2. Touch the SYSTEM TEST button that appears in the lower right corner of the MTS.
  3. Here you can control;
    1. Button LEDs - These are ON, OFF, USER, etc., buttons.
    2. Small Displays - These are the small displays as found at the top of each fader.
    3. Faders (XR modules only) - This will move all faders to the position selected by the button.
    4. Bar Graphs (XR modules only) - This illuminates the small confidence bar graphs next to each fader.
    5. Touch events - buttons with capacitive touch capability report their touch status in this display.
    6. Rotary events - turning rotary knobs is represented graphically on the screen.
  4. When your test is complete, press the EXIT TEST button in the bottom right of the MTS.

If you are reporting any anomalies, it is very helpful if you can record a short video of any abnormal test results.


Everything on this test is controlled by software or firmware. Please make sure that you are running up-to-date versions and that all updates are applied. Quasar is a complete system and as such, modules expect other modules and firmware to be on compatible versions.

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