Quasar Surface Network Configuration

Updated by Bryan Jones

Assuming you have completed the document to connect your Quasar Console, once the console starts up, the Quasar Master Touchscreen Module (MTS Module) will present you with its Home page where a round clock is displayed. Above the clock, you will notice a warning message: “No Connection to Engine.” This warning is normal at this point.

Now you need to access the System Setup page: push and hold, for 5 seconds, the Monitor Options key (labeled “MON OPT” and located between the two Control Room volume pots). Here you will need to assign an IP address to your console, as well as the Network Mask, and bind the surface to the engine.

The Yellow box around each parameter (IP ADDRESS, NETMASK, GATEWAY, and ENGINE) determines what the knobs below the touch screen control. You can touch each block to select it and then use the knobs to set the address. You can also touch each parameter and slide your finger left and right on the touch screen.

Press the “Save and Reboot” button when done.

Once the Master Module IP address is set, you can now access the console Web UI to configure each fader module’s IP address.

Please proceed to Quasar Surface – Modules’ discovery & configuration or back to the Quasar Quick-Start Guide.

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