Powerstation Shipping Box and Foam

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This document provides the part numbers needed to order a Powerstation box and foam. The same box and foam also securely fix a Powerstation Aux unit.

When shipping a Powerstation, or any piece of broadcast equipment, we highly suggest using proper packaging to protect your broadcast investment. Telos Alliance has specialty fit packaging for all of its products and should be utilized when shipping and storing the 37-pound engine.

We suggest saving the box and packaging when you first receive a Powerstation. If you ever need to send it to the factory, you can use the original box and we will return your engine to you in a new box which you should also hold onto.
We cannot be responsible for any damage to a Powerstation caused during the shipping process.

The Box and Foam

If you are looking to order a box and foam prior to sending your Powerstation to the factory, contact us to get current pricing on part numbers 1071-00028-000 (Powerstation box) and 1071-00023-000 (Powerstation foam). We will also need a shipping address to provide an accurate shipping quote.

We have specially-measured foam that will supply suitable protection for your engine during the rigors of shipping:

The foam and Powerstation then fit securely and tightly in the shipping box:

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