Omnia Forza Release Notes

Updated by Bryan Shay

Version 1.1.0 Release Notes

Released 05/24/2023

Available as Docker image:

Most significant features of this release:
  • Audio - Add “Bass Texture” quick tweak control that shifts the balance of band 1 processing between multiband limiting and final clipping.
  • Audio - Add "Slam" preset
  • Web UI - Add mouse configuration to compensate for OS natural scrolling.
  • Web UI / Deployment - Support reverse-proxy by path of the http web UI.  
Other Functional improvements:
  • Deployment - Add default CMD to container
  • Deployment -  Change EX_AOIP_INTERFACE environment variable to IFACE_AOIP and add IFACE_WEBUI .  Note that EX_AOIP_INTERFACE is still supported to maintain backwards compatibility.  IFACE_WEBUI specifies the network interface on which to serve the http web-ui.
  • Deployment - Change default web-ui TCP port to 80.  Note: this is configurable using the HTTP_PORT environment variable.
Bug Fixes:
  • UX/Audio - Recalling certain Omnia Presets will no longer engage/disengage the BS.1770 loudness controller.  It is now independent of all Omnia or user preset settings.
  • GUI - Fix behavior where SaveAs to an existing preset name that is not the last saved preset would create presets with duplicate names.


  • Remove unneeded npm modules
  • Update all npm modules
  • Update Container base to ubuntu:jammy-20230308
  • Update nodejs to 18.15.0
  • Remove libcap2 and curl from container as shipped

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