How To Set The Z/IPStream R/1 To Stream From Both Network Ports

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This document describes how to set up the Z/IPStream R/1 to stream from both network ports.


A customer asked: Can the R1 be set up to send two streams out on the WAN network interface, and another 2 streams out on the LAN network interface? We are not using Livewire and are looking for redundancy to our stream provider through two different ISP providers.


If you are using Livewire for the audio input to the R1, that uses the LAN port (normally without Internet access) so this will not be possible.

Yes! This can be done and is probably the only time you would use two gateways. It requires configuring static routes in the Advanced Options / Configure static routes page. It works by adding two static routes to the streaming servers using IP or range, gateway and interface:


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