Why is the On Switch Blinking?

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This document talks about the fader option "Fader Start with Arm." This feature is available in Element, Fusion, Quasar and all QOR consoles, including:

  • iQ console (and expansion consoles)
  • iQx console
  • Radius console
  • DESQ
  • RAQ
For more detailed information about different fader option settings, click here.


"Why is the ON light of one of my QOR console faders flashing?"


The reason for this is that "Fader Start with Arm" is set as the fader mode for that source.

When a source is in this mode and the fader is all the way down, the channel moves into "Fader Start" mode when the ON button is pressed. The flashing of the ON button lets the user know it's now in "Fader Start" mode.

The Temp Fix:

The OFF button can simply be pressed on that channel and the flashing will stop. That source will then move to "Normal" mode and only turn on when the ON button is hit as normal, regardless of where the fader is.

However, if that source is loaded again in the future, it's still set to "Fader Start with Arm" mode and will again begin flashing if the ON button is pressed with the fader all the way down.

The Permanent Fix:

To turn "Fader Start with Arm" off:

  1. Using a Web Browser, connect to the main configuration page of the QOR engine.
  2. Select Sources from the left side menu under the Profile Manager tab.
  3. Select the source that you want to configure to "Normal".
  4. Scroll down to "Fader Mode" and select the drop-down menu to select "Normal".
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the OK button.
Changes to the Source profile require the profile to be re-loaded on the console for the changes to be applied. Remove and reload the profile from the individual fader or alternately reload the entire Show Profile on the console.

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