Program Delay Manager (PDM) input does not change when using Livewire

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This document applies to all Program Delay Manager (PDM) units when using Livewire as an audio source. The part numbers included are;

  • 2001-00350 - 25/7 PDM with Analog/AES-EBU or Livewire
  • 2001-00251 - 25/7 PDM with Livewire only


The 25/7 PDM can use either Livewire or (if equipped) the built-in Analog/AES-EBU audio card.

There are two methods to set the Livewire channel source feeding the audio to the PDM when using Livewire. Either scenario could appear not to change the Livewire Channel.

Livewire Routing with Pathfinder or other control

In cases where Pathfinder or other routing software controls the audio (the Axia Dest Ch.) to the PDM, note that the channel number DOES NOT UPDATE on the front panel display. When viewing the route, do so with the same software used for routing. The current source routed to the PDM Destination is always displayed in Pathfinder in real-time even if Pathfinder did not make the route.

Using the Front Panel

  1. Using the front panel control pad, select Axia from the menu
  2. Press the green checkmark button
  3. Use the UP and DOWN arrows and select the Axia Dest Ch. menu option
  1. Use the control pad to adjust the Livewire channel number
UP and DOWN move one number at a time.
LEFT and RIGHT move one hundred numbers at a time.
Holding any button increases its speed.
  1. Press the green check when complete
Here is the important step
  1. You must press the red "X" button until you get to the screen asking you to save your configuration. Then click the green check for YES. Otherwise, your changes are not saved and will revert.

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