Element and Fusion Module ID information

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This document applies to both Fusion and Element Console and Accessory modules.


There are several type of modules available for Fusion and Element consoles. When looking at the module information page you will see modules listed with different ID. The module ID will be listed at 1:5 or 5:9, etc.

The first number identifies the TYPE of the module module (see below), the second is the ID of that module.

Modules ID must be unique among module types. That is to say, you could have a 3:1 and a 1:1 because the TYPE is different.

Module ID is controlled by a rotary dip switch on the back of the module. Position F on each module is the self-test position and can not be used for normal operation. The factory default position for the main monitor module's ID is "0."







Fader module provides 4 fader channels. This model does not include Set and Hold buttons as found on the US Phone and Europhone modules. Note, this module was discontinued a number of years ago. No Fusion modules were manufactured in this configuration.



Same as "4Fader" but provides additional buttons for phone system control 'Set' and 'Hold. This is the most common module.


US Phone

Consists of 2 fader channels and a Telos "call control module".Fader channels are the same as on the "Euro Phone Module" and can be used as normal fader channels.



Alternatively called The Monitor and Navigation module. It allows users to use the console menu system. Every Element needs one (and only one) such module for normal operations. More than one master module in one system is not supported.



User add-on modules provide some extra features to the console. Several subtypes of user modules exist:

  • 5film legend-able buttons
  • 10 film legend-able buttons
  • 5 LCD buttons
  • 10 LCD buttons

Note that only 10 button LC versions exist for Fusion



The Production module serves as a shortcut module for channel operations. It allows changes to channel options quickly and easily without navigating through Element menus. Only a single production module is allowed in the Element. This module was not available as a Fusion module.



Consists of 2 fader channels and a reduced Monitor section. Fader channels are the same as on the "Euro Phone Module" and can be used as normal fader channels. The Monitor section is meant to be used instead of a Master Module. Only one is allowed per console.



Accessory extension modules are somewhat similar to user modules as they also provide extended functionality. Also, several subtypes exist:

  • 5 Button LCD Smartswitch (no longer produced)
  • Headphone Selector
  • Mic Control and Headphone Selector
  • 4 Button LCD SmartSwitch

12 (C)


Axia Intercom modules mounted inside the console frame.

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