The volume control on the Infinity Beltpack

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How to control the volume levels on each channel of your Infinity Beltpack.

Controlling the Volume Level

Most of the options of your Infinity Beltpack are controlled in various menu selections on the front panel of the beltpack.

To lower or raise the volume level on either channel of your beltpack, the front panel screen must be on the main menu as the volume control is one of the only options not within a menu selection. The main menu will have the name of your beltpack on the top line.

If you're on a different menu, scroll to EXIT in that menu and use the Menu key as an enter button. Eventually, you will get to the main menu.

When the beltpack is on the main menu, you can simply use the wheels on either side of the beltpack to raise and lower the volume levels.

Use the left wheel to control the Channel 1 volume.

Use the right wheel to control the Channel 2 volume.

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