Screening Calls for Multiple Studios Using a Single VSet


This document covers the setup of how to use a single VSet to screen calls for multiple Studios on a Telos VX. This functionality is not available to the Hx6 or iQ6 Talk Show systems.


Let’s imagine a 2-studio facility with three request lines and one fixed line per studio to use as a warm line. This configuration requires a total of 8 line positions for our VSet12.

Create a Dummy Studio

  • Name the Studio. In this example, we'll name it "Master Screener."
  • Set up the PROGRAM ON HOLD.
NOTICE: The Program on Hold in this studio is separate from the Main Studios. You can only choose one source.
ALSO, NOTE that you must assign something to Program On Hold or else you'll have calls drop while on hold. Many SIP servers drop active calls with no audio present after 30 seconds.

If you would like to wire up indicators to show when any of the studio lines are ringing, you can do that here. Please refer to the VX Manual's section on GPIO for more on this.

Gather info from main shows

We'll need to plan the show for the "Master Screener" so let's take a look at the Shows that are currently in use.

Here's what our two main Shows look like:

Keep this data close by because we'll be setting up our screener show based on what we see here.

Create the screener Show

Using what we gathered in Step 2, let's create a new Show and assign these same extensions to it:

Notice how we've labeled things for clarity.

In our example, we created a show profile using ten lines instead of 8. Ten lines allow us to assign Show 1 to the top display and Show 2 to the bottom display of the VSet. This configuration is cosmetic and does not affect the operation. The arrangement will look like this on your VSet.

We have also set separate ringers for the line positions. Separate ringers are not required. For more information on ringers, refer to the VX Manual

NOTE: Since this is a dummy studio with no real hybrid channels, the FADER value does not matter.
WARNING! ACHTUNG! PELIGRO! Please note that this screener VSet and the actual Studio’s VSet have independent Block-All cues now. This means if the dummy studio has the lines blocked, the actual Studios won’t be able to release them. This could either be a good thing or a really bad thing! So if you don’t want the screener to be able to activate Block-All for all the request lines in the entire facility, uncheck all the boxes under “Busy All” and Block-All will do nothing in the dummy Studio/Show.

Assign the Show Into the Studio

  • Return to the Master Screener Studio configuration page and select your new show for CURRENT SHOW.
  • Click CHANGE.
  • Go into your VSet 12's ENGINE SETUP menu and select the new dummy studio under SELECT STUDIO.
TIP: Since there are no hybrid channels in this studio, the VSet can not put any calls on the air. So it won't matter if this VSet is in Producer or Talent mode.

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