Replacement of Push-Button Switches in Legacy Products

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This article discusses the push-button switches found in the following Legacy Telos-branded products:

  • Desktop Director
  • Call Controller
  • Console Director
  • Zephyr Classic
  • Zephyr Express
  • TWO-x-12
  • ABS Switch Console (ONE-x-Six, DIM, & 1A2)


The interesting origin of this article is history that deserves to be remembered: The manufacturer of the switches originally used in these products had a fire in their facility. The factory burnt down and never recovered, so these switches very quickly became completely unavailable. Fortunately, this happened right in the middle of the lifespan of all of these products. Therefore a replacement was specified for each of these systems. Unfortunately, since the pin location and footprint of the newer switch is different, the PC boards housing them were re-designed. This article will help you determine which type of switch your product has and what you need to do to replace them.

Determining Switch Type

You can immediately tell which type of switch is used in your device by pulling the switch cap off of the switch. This reveals the actuator, which is shaped like a plus sign (+). The color of this actuator (or the absence of the "+" shaped actuator) is the giveaway:

Old Style Switch:

A yellow or white '+' shaped actuator (depicted below) means you have the older (unavailable) style switches.

New Style Switch with Adapters:

The newer switches from Cherry need to use an adapter which is black or grey (depicted below).

New Style Switch with Adapter Removed:

The adapter may come off the switch and remain inside the button cap, and this reveals the native actuator for the switch. It looks like this:

Ordering Replacements

We still have plenty of the newer switches made by Cherry and their adapters in stock. Here are the Telos part numbers:

  • 1211-­00031 - Cherry Switch
  • 1453­-00015 - Adapter for Cherry Switch

These can be purchased directly from us or through your favorite Telos dealer.

If you have the older style switches, it will be best to replace the PC board with the more recent Cherry version. The circuit board will come complete with all newer style switches installed.

Contact our support team at for information. Please have the model or serial number of your product handy when you do this.

A Limited Quantity?

If you have the older switches and you need to replace a one or two, contact us and ask if we have any. Sometimes we can remove some from scrapped units if any are present.

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that you'll still have switches left on the board that may fail in the future and that the switches we might be able to provide are NOT NEW and may be untested.

Let us know how we can help

If you have further questions on this topic or have ideas about how we can improve this document, please contact us.

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