Using Analog MPX as a Backup to Omnia Direct (MPX over AES) in Omnia.9

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How to use the Omnia.9's conventional analog BNC MPX output to feed a backup transmitter while using the Omnia Direct (MPX over AES) for the main transmitter.


Can I leave the regular BNC analog composite connected while feeding my new transmitter with Composite Over AES? Will it be available simultaneously? Also, what is the recommended AES output setting for the Omnia Direct to feed the new transmitter?


Yes, and it will be available simultaneously. But, if you are using MPX1 for Omnia Direct, you may want to connect the backup to the BNC MPX 2 output in order to have separate level control available for it.

For composite over AES (Omnia Direct), the setting in Main Outputs must be set to one of the "MPX" settings. For example, here I am using AES Main FM Out 2 for composite over AES so I have set it to "MPX 1 192.0k" :

Note that when you select one of the MPX options, the level control for that AES output is grayed-out. That's because it will instead use the MPX Output Level control in FM Options. So in this example, I want to feed a backup exciter regular BNC composite so I use the MPX 2 output for that. Since I set the Omnia Direct output to "MPX 1 192.0k", it will use the MPX 1 Output Level control while the backup will have its own level control via the MPX 2 Output Level control.

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