Changing Omnia-3 Passwords

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This document applies to the legacy Omnia-3 processor and explains how to change the passwords for both Normal mode and Engineer mode.

The Process

The default passwords supplied with the unit are "vito" (all lower case) for Normal mode and "tomtom" (all lower case) for Engineer mode.

From the Utility menu on the front panel, select the Security submenu.

To change the Normal mode password, select Lock Password. To change the Engineer mode password, select Engineer Password.

To change the password, use the standard click and turn of the jog-wheel to select the character position you wish to change and to select the character for that position.

After choosing a new password, continue rotating the jog wheel until OK is highlighted. Push on the jog wheel to save the new password.

If you wish to cancel this operation, just scroll onto the Cancel box and press the jog wheel. This will cancel the password change.

Do not attempt to assign the same password to both security levels! You will lock yourself out permanently!

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