Why are there no meters when the channel fader is on and up?

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This document explains why you might not see levels on your QOR console, even if a fader is up and on and you see preview levels.

This can also explain why you do see program output levels if all faders are down and off on a console.

This document only pertains to iQ and Radius consoles, as well as DESQ and RAQ units.

Problem Description

In the below RAQ example, there are no levels on the program meters, even though channel three is ON, the fader knob is turned up and there are preview levels being shown.

Another example would be if the program meters were showing levels, but the fader was off or turned/potted all the way down.

The Cause

If the program meters on the console are not matching the console faders, then it's likely that your fader gain is higher or lower than the physical fader level in the Remote tab under Console Control in the engine GUI.

In the below example, you can see channel number three's level is set to "minus infinity".

This explains why there are no program meters in the earlier RAQ photo.

The Fix

Unlike the iQx, Fusion and Element consoles, which each display arrows to indicate the physical fader level isn't matching the engine fader level, QOR consoles show no sign of when this is happening.

Also unlike the iQx, Fusion and Element, you don't have to 'grab' the fader level with the physical fader knob. On an iQ, Radius, DESQ or RAQ, any change in the physical fader position will instantly change the actual output level of the console.

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