What is the impact of the Node ID field?


This article explains the purpose of the Node ID field and how it can be used.


xNodes have a Node ID field that can be set or changed either from the front panel or web UI:

When set from the front panel, the Node ID will automatically set the xNode hostname, source channel numbers, and IP address. The goal of this behavior is to allow simple deployment of an xNode. However, many users like to set each of these fields manually for a variety of reasons.

The Node ID is unly used internally in each xNode for easy identification and set up of hostname, source channel number range, and IP address.

If you are setting these fields up manually, the Node ID has no impact. You can use Node ID to indicate some other identifier specific to your installation, or even set all Node IDs to be the same if desired. In other words, Node ID is is not referenced by any other device on the Livewire network.

When setting Node ID via the web interface, be sure that Set Hostname and Use Livewire channels are only checked if you want the Node ID to affect these values.

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