Hybrids in VX - Viewing, Creating or Changing

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This document covers the process of creating, changing, or viewing phone hybrids in the Telos VX product line.

There have been several VX systems since it was introduced. Their web pages may vary slightly, but the locations and steps for hybrid creations are the same. For example, the VX and VXs webpages are different colors. VXs uses a "dark" theme.


The number of Hybrids you might have in your VX system and the names given to them are dynamic and differ from one system to the next. You could have as few as one or possibly more than 100. Those are determined by which VX you have and possibly your license count.

For example;

  • VX Prime and Prime+ are limited to eight in total
  • Original VX had no limits other than resources
  • VX Enterprise and VXs are controlled by a license

This isn't relevant other than if you are trying to add new.

The Hybrids

  1. Navigate to the main Web Page for your VX
  2. Click on Studios under the Configuration heading

All of your studios that are already defined are listed below the Studio heading and also in the main window. These are the same, and you can click on the heading under Studio or click on the blue link in the middle to open that studio.

  1. Click on one of the Studios to open its configuration.

Here, we can see;

  • The current show (phone lines) is Talk Interview 1
  • Studio Name - WDC_STUDIO-101
  • Selectable Channels is 2
  • There are TWO hybrids configured
    • Livewire channel from hybrid 1 (ST101_CALL_A) is 20001
    • Livewire channel that feeds audio to the caller is 20003 (from the AEC)
    • Program on hold audio is Livewire channel 9999
    • Acousic Echo Canceller is enabled
      • Sources for AEC are shown
    • There are no GPIO Actions or Indications shown in this Studio.
To make changes to some settings you must first set the Current Show to "no Show"

To Add a NEW Studio

After Step 2 above, the main Studios page displays an Add New button for adding a new studio.

  1. Click the Add New button

When you first click Add New, a new page is shown, but there will be no hybrids shown. You must first define some number of either Fixed or Selectable hybrid. Selectable is the most common.

  1. Enter at least one Selectable channel
  2. Click Apply at the bottom of the page

One selectable channel is displayed for you to configure.

  1. Complete the configuration of the hybrid.
This is not a full detailed document for how to configure every parameter. You can use other studios as examples or refer to full manuals or configuration guides.

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