Installing the iPort version 2.4.4a patch release

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This document covers the installation of the 1601-00535-022-iPort-2.4.4a version for the Telos Zephyr iPort. This version is a patch release (maintenance update) for version 1601-00535-021-iPort-2.2.2a originally released on ECO# 2298 - 02-JUL-2019

What's in this Patch

Known Issue: Version 2.4.4 has an issue with a malformed advertisement message. This would prevent a console from properly creating a backfeed if used as a codec on an Axia console. A beta version to address this can be downloaded by clicking here. Alternately, remain on version 2.2.2a.
  • #13510: Fixed iPort stream jitter caused by incorrect RTP packet numbering
  • #13973: NTP not working since version 2.2
  • #14017: SNMP traps: fixed incorrect address in agent-addr field
  • #12311: Linux TCP SACK vulnerability
  • #12775: Internal web server error occurs when restoring the configuration from backup
  • #12776: After updating ssh to version 8.0p1, can't connect to iPort over ssh
  • #12781: Webserver: disable log into access_log
  • #12786: Sometimes, internal web server error occurs when creating configuration data backup
  • #12787: During SNMP installation some folders are not created
  • #12995: Serial data configuration from WEB - slow reaction on applying new parameters
  • Enhancement #5533: Built-in production test for software-hardware matching
  • Enhancement #11803: AES67 support - LWRP - added "fmt" field in ADDR
  • Enhancement #12680: Fixed numerous security vulnerabilities (telnet port 23 now disabled and others)
  • Enhancement #12934: Codec data channels now auto-aligned with audio

Installing the update

  1. Click the button below to download the update
  1. Using a Web Browser, navigate and log in to the main web page of your iPort
  2. From the left side menu, click on the System link
  3. Ensure the system is running from Bank 0
Most Telos products use a dual-bank software system allowing you to revert to a previous version quickly. If your system is running from Bank 1(as shown here),

you will need to click the Commit button. Clicking commit moves the current Bank to 0, allowing for updating to Bank 1.
  1. Click on Choose File under the Hardware and Firmware heading
  2. Browse for and select the 2.4.4a update you downloaded in Step 1
You will see a partial name of the file you uploaded.
  1. Click Upload

You will see a message that says, "System upload in progress." After a minute or so, you will see the message. "Info: Firmware upload finished successfully."

  1. Click on Home, then return to the System Menu.
  2. The updated software version will show in Bank 1 as shown here

Activating the new version

  1. Click on the Bank 1 selection button to select it.
  2. Then click Apply Selected Bank
  3. Click Yes on the following screen to restart the system and apply the newly selected bank

After reboot, your Web Browser will automatically reconnect after approximately 60 seconds.

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