Adjusting the Volt's Wideband AGC Gating

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This document explains how to adjust the Wideband AGC silence gate controls.


Find out how to adjust the Volts silence gate optimally.


Q: The Wideband AGC works up to a point for gain riding of dissimilar audio levels. But, below the gate threshold level it freezes. How do I make it work more like an old-school CBS Audimax? the problem I’m having on my classic rock station occurs when a loud track segues into a very soft opening passage. The AGC freezes at say 7db of gain reduction when the loud track ends, the new passage is 15db down, and the result is the start of the new intro being 22 db down…or basically inaudible. I need the WB AGC to return to zero more quickly. I want it to act like a finger on a fader, riding levels until it gets to 0db. How?


A: This can be solved by adjusting the Volt's Gate/RTZ controls. Below is a screenshot of the Volt's Wideband AGC controls in the Initial / WB AGC menu. Here, for demonstration purposes, I have completely defeated the Return To Zero (RTZ) feature by setting the RTZ Level to 0.00dB and have nearly defeated the gating function by setting the Gate Thresh to 0.00:

Now, the speed at which the WB AGC fully recovers depends only on the Release, Accel(erated) Release and overall Activity controls. While I don't recommend such extreme settings, something between these and where they default in the preset that was used to start with would likely do what is needed.

RTZ: Actually, this function is misnamed in the Volt. It should really be "Return to Platform" (RTP) instead of RTZ ("Return to Zero"). The platform level is what is set by the RTZ Level control. So if you want the WB AGC to be able to recover fully without heading back down the other way when the gate threshold kicks in, set the RTZ Level control to 0.00 dB and then play with the Gate Threshold (which will act as a freeze-in-place gate with the RTZ Level at 0). Now the G/R won't turn around and head the other way at low levels.
When RTZ Level is set below 0.00 dB, and the gate kicks in at above the set RTZ level, the gain will move to that set level (as long as it remains gated) at a speed set with the RTZ Speed control.

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