Resetting a Z/IP ONE to Factory Defaults

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This document explains the process for restoring factory defaults on a Z/IP ONE IP Broadcast Codec.

The Process

It is a good idea to back up your Z/IP ONE’s settings before resetting to factory defaults.

From the front panel of the unit, press the ESC key to return to the menu system. Rotate the main control knob to the Setup menu and press the knob to enter the Setup menu.

Scroll to the Software tab and press the knob to enter the Software menu.

Once in the Software menu, scroll down to the last selection Reset to Defaults & Reboot NOW!

Press the knob to reset to factory defaults.

WARNING - Pressing the knob once will reset the Z/IP ONE. It will not ask if you're sure you want to do so.

After the reboot, the codec will return with all custom settings and phone book entries and will have the same settings it had when it originally came from Telos.

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