Help with Omnia.9 and FM and HD blending issues

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This document applies to Omnia.9 audio processors running in FM + HD mode and discusses issues with HD blending.


A customer reports that the station runs HD, and is having issues with HD Blending.  An HD modulation monitor is running, and using the display was able to obtain correct alignment, however, it is still drifting, and I am unsure why this is happening.


The solution here is to run the HD off the FM processing core instead of its own. This will help to stabilize the timing.

To do this;

Turn on Output Delays
  1. Navigate to System
  2. System Configuration
  3. Processing Paths
  4. Turn on "Output Delays"
  5. Click "Apply Config"
  6. Reboot
Set "Crossfeed" option
  1. Navigate to HD1
  2. Then Processing
  3. Then Bypass
  4. Set the "Crossfeed;" to "Use FM Audio
Turn off previously set diversity delay
  1. Go to System
  2. I/O Options
  3. Diversity Delay
  4. Turn off the diversity delay set here
  1. Go to System
  2. I/O Options
  3. Output Delay
  4. Set your diversity delay here
The HD will still have its own limiter (instead of the pre-emphasis and clipper in the FM channel) as well as a control to reduce the treble. That along with the HD Limiter Drive control and a switch to enable the HD Limiter Meters can be found in FM / Processing / HD Crossfeed.

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