Archive Player in iProfiler "Connection to the server was lost" when trying to connect

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Archive Player is the client software that connects to iProfiler Server. It allows users to retrieve audio cuts from the iProfiler logger on various PCs in the facility.


Users trying to connect to iProfiler server with Archive Player suddenly start getting this error message:

"The connection to the server was lost! Please reconnect."


Typically this error message is presented if the network connection between the client and the server is interrupted

However, if this error message is suddenly occurring for all users that try to connect; this is likely caused by a newly added Archive in iProfiler Server with too long of a name

Archive Names can not exceed 31 characters (including spaces).

iProfiler Server will allow you to create an Archive Name that exceeds 31 characters, unfortunately. The Archive Player or Live Player clients will receive the above error message if they try to connect to iProfiler server with any started archives that exceed this limit

If you created a new archive that exceeds this length, please remove it and recreate it with a short name.

This is too long


These are fine



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