Installing the Pathfinder Core PRO VM ISO

Updated by Bryan Jones


  1. After starting, the system will ask you to type 20 random characters. 
Just tap random keys on the keyboard at arbitrary rates of speed until the system tells you to stop.  Typing these keys initializes randomization for the random number generator and specific cryptographic needs.

  1. Press Enter. 
The system will warn you about overwriting the hard drive.  In the case of a virtual machine, this will be the virtual hard drive you created for the VM.  The hard drive must appear to the system as a SATA drive. If the installer finds no drives, it will not continue after the next step.

  1. Press "y" to continue. 
If the drive can be found, it will provide a second warning before it repartitions. 
  1. Press "y" again if you wish to proceed.

The system will now partition format and write software to both banks and to the boot sector.  When complete, you will see the following message:

  1. Eject the cd.  Right-click the cd icon on the bottom of the screen and uncheck the FPCorePro install iso to eject it. 
  2. Press a key.

The system should restart into PathfinderCore PRO. There may be a slight delay on the first boot. Once started, you are presented with a menu system you can navigate with arrow keys.


  1. Press Enter.
  2. Arrow down to the Network menu. 
  3. Press Enter and select Livewire.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Use the arrow and number keys to enter the IP address, netmask, and gateway you wish to use. 
  6. Arrow to Done and press Enter.

Repeat for the office network if you wish to enter an IP address for that. 
  1. Then arrow to the [Reboot and Apply Settings] item and Press Enter.

  1. Tap enter on reboot/apply.

Once the system restarts, you should be able to get to the web page using the IP Address you just set. Log in using the default Admin user name and password.

  • Default Admin UserName: Admin
  • Default Admin Password: Admin


A valid license is required to use this software. Information on properly licensing your VM can be found here by using the Activating Pathfinder CORE Pro Virtual Machine document.

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