The Program 4, Record, and Phone busses

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The Program 4 bus is a special bus that also includes the phone and record busses, depending on the state of the On/Off buttons, and the position of the fader. These busses are consistent across all Axia consoles.

All three of these functions are triggered by placing a fader channel into Program 4.

Program 4 bus

The Program 4 bus is just like the other 3 program busses. This means that when a channel is placed in Program 4, audio will be sent to that bus when the channel is turned On and the fader is Up.

In other words, the Program 4 bus is post On/Off (channel is turned On), and post-fader (fader needs to be up).

Record bus

The Record bus is pre-On/Off, but post-fader. This means audio will be sent to the Record bus if the channel has Program 4 selected and the fader is up. The ON/OFF button has no impact to this bus. Think of the fader like a trim pot feeding the recorder. Having the fader in the off state allows you to record audio from a channel without sending that audio to air. However, if the fader is ON (and you are ON AIR) the Record bus continues to work the same way.

Phone bus

The Phone bus is pre-On/Off and pre-fader. This means that audio will be sent to the Phone bus if the channel has Program 4 selected. The ON/OFF state of the fader, nor the fader position have any impact. The phone bus is unity gain.

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