Using Legacy Hybrids with Axia Consoles


This article discusses using Legacy hybrids with analog i/o with a Fusion console system. It can also be applied to Element, Quasar, and iQ series console systems.


The Telos VX, Hx6, iQ6, and the Legacy Nx12 can interface with an Axia console using Livewire. But what about other Legacy hybrid systems that do not have Livewire capabilities? Here we will gloss over the use of a node for i/o, and creating a phone source profile to use it with. In this example, we are connecting a Telos ONE to a Fusion console using an xNode.

Set up a Node for i/o

You'll need to find an available input and output at a node, xnode, or Powerstation i/o to use with your analog hybrid.

  1. Configure Input: Go to the Sources page for the i/o device and configure / make note of the Livewire channel to be used.
  1. Configure Output: Go to the Destinations page and configure the appropriate output
  • Set the Channel/Address to the same Livewire channel given to the input
  • Set the Type to To Source
  1. Connect Audio i/o
  • The Hybrid Input (send to caller) jack connects to node's Output 1 Left XLR jack
  • The Hybrid Output (receive from caller) jack connects to the node's Input 1 Left XLR jack.

Configure a Phone Source profile

  1. From the Console Source Profile page, click Create new source profile
  2. Set Source type to Phone
  3. Set the Source name to whatever you want Fusion's over-bridge to display
  4. Set the Primary Source to the Livewire channel given to the node's Source and Destination previously.
  5. Since we used the Left XLR jack, set Signal mode to Left
  6. Apply your changes.
When this source is loaded to a Fusion input channel, the Engine will generate a backfeed (mix minus), which is sent to the "To Source" path for the Livewire channel configured. This is why the destination for the node is set to this value as a "To Source."

For use with physical i/o on a QOR Engine-based iQ system, you'll configure the physical inputs and outputs for the source profile instead of a Livewire channel.

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