Why is my microphone muted on my iQ or Radius

Updated by Bryan Jones


This document applies only to the Axia iQ, iQx, Radius, RAQ and DESQ consoles specifically as it relates to MUTE being shown on an Operator microphone.


Many customers are confused by the labeling of the SOFT key on an Operator Microphone type. The confusion is that it looks like the microphone is muted. It's NOT.

This is a picture of the label we are referring to.

Note that the label says MUTE. This indicates that if you press the SOFT key, it will mute the microphone.

The SOFT key has many functions depending on the source type assigned to the fader. It could say NEXT for a Computer Player. It could say DROP or HOLD for a Phone source, etc.

This is only for the Operator microphone type. Other Microphone types do not offer this MUTE soft key.

Note that when pressing the MUTE button, a message is displayed under the source name that says [MUTED] as shown in this picture.

The mute button label can not be removed or changed.

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