Quasar Surface fader module discovery & configuration

Updated by Bryan Jones

Using a PC connected to your studio network, launch a web browser, and enter the IP address you previously assigned to the MTS into the browser’s address bar. When prompted for authentication, enter the user name “user” and leave the password field blank.

In the left column, click on the Console Discovery menu. There you will find all Fader modules connected to the Master, listed by their MAC and IP addresses, which will be pre-assigned at the factory. If the preassigned addresses fit your networking scheme, then you can skip to the next step.

In case you need to change these addresses according to your network scheme, you can assign a new IP address to each module by selecting it with the radio button, enter the desired address in the box at the bottom then push the “Do It!” button.

PRO TIP: For the MTS Module, we recommend choosing an IP address with the fourth octet ending with a 0 (zero), and for the Fader modules, chose an address with the fourth octet ending with 1,2,3, etc. 1 for the first, 2 for the second, 3 for the third, and so on. Following this numbering scheme will make it easier to remember each module’s IP address for fast UI access.
NOTE: In the following example, we have selected a module with MAC Address 58:50:AB:40:32:0A and a currently assigned IP Address of We have specified a new IP Address of, and once you click Do It! the address will be set, and the module will restart. You need to do this for each module in your system.
A word of caution. If you are configuring multiple consoles, you may see modules in ALL consoles in your facility. Make sure you are not selecting modules already configured in other consoles.

Once you set all IP addresses, please check access to each fader module by entering its IP address in your browser and by navigating each module’s Web UI. You can also click the IP address directly from the list you see in the Console Discovery.

The default access credentials will be the same used for the MTS Module: user – no password.

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