Are two mix-minuses needed when using an Hx2?

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This document covers the mix-minus settings when using the Hx2 Digital Hybrid.


The Hx2 can be a great tool for many broadcasts, including podcasts and smaller productions. Some consoles that are used for smaller productions can be limited in outputs, making it difficult to set up multiple mix minuses.

With an Hx2 Digital Hybrid, you only need one mix-minus - even when conferencing two callers at the same time.

Hx2 Internal Mix-Minus

To configure the two hybrids in the Hx2 so that a single mix-minus feed may be used for both hybrids, bit #6 in the ‘OPTIONS’ DIP switch bank (which controls the mix-minus feature) needs to be switched to the ON position. The default factory setting is OFF for this feature.

When wanting to use a single mix-minus, only the SEND IN #1 input is used to feed both hybrids. Both hybrid outputs still function independently and the two-hybrid outputs are NOT summed together, which means you need to provide a fader for each hybrid.

This figure illustrates which signals are combined together inside the Digital Signal Processor and routed to each connector when the Hx2 internal mix-minus feature is enabled:

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