Calls Placed on hold from the VX drop after 30 seconds


Products in the VX family may lose calls on hold after 30 seconds if there is no Program on Hold audio present in the VX Studio.


When a call is placed "on hold" via a VSet or a controller connected to a VX system, the PBX will not recognize that the call is on hold. Instead the call remains active and the audio is re-routed so that the hybrid output is muted and the caller receives audio from the VX Studio's Program on hold input.

SIP requires 2 things for a call to be successful: The call setup or handshake and the transmission of audio packets.

If there is no audio present on the call for 30 seconds, the PBX, SIP Trunk, or provider itself will assume the call got lost and will terminate the call. A false positive will be triggered with one or all of these three when a call is placed on hold from the VSet with no audio present at the VX Studio's Program on Hold input.

Check the Studio's Program on Hold input

First, check the studio's configuration page to see if a channel number is entered for Program on Hold:

You can either check the channel number referenced at the output (destination) of a node, or use an IP driver to preview the channel. If there is audio present at the Program on Hold input, it's time to confirm that the controller is connected to the correct studio

Check the Studio Devices

If there is audio at the Program on Hold input, go to this Studio's associated Information page and look under Devices:

The IP address of the VSet or console you are using to place calls on hold should appear in this list. If it doesn't, open the Information -> Devices page and look for the iP address of the controller:

This will show you a list of all the controllers connected to the VX and to what studio they are assigned. If the controller you are using to place callers on hold is assigned to the wrong studio, this problem may occur if there is no program on hold audio at the input of that studio.

See this article for changing the Studio assigned to a VSet:

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