Using talkback functions in iQ series and Radius consoles

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This document describes features available in the iQ, iQx, and Radius consoles. These do not apply to the RAQ or DESQ consoles.


The iQ, iQx, and Radius consoles offer the Control Room board operator the ability to talk to the Talent Headphone feed. It also provides a Guest Headphone feed, which does not have this Talkback in it.


There are two headphone feeds designed for guest headphones.

  • Studio Talent HP - Is fed audio as selected by the Studio Monitor feed and includes Talkback from the talkback source (normally the Operator Microphone)
  • Studio Guest HP - Is fed audio as selected by the Studio Monitor feed and does NOT include talkback.
The Studio Monitor feed source is set in the show profiles or by pressing the Studio knob and selecting the source from the list.

Select the appropriate feed for your headphones in the Outputs section of the configuration. In this example, we have assigned the Guest Headphones (no Talkback) to Analog output 1 and the Talent Headphones (with Talkback) to Analog output 2.

Using Talkback

Once you have set up the outputs, activate Talkback by pressing the Talk to Studio button in the console's monitor section.

About the Talkback source

By default, the Talkback source audio is always the Operator Microphone source. Operator Microphone is a specific source type in the Source Profiles of the Console. If you find that you press the Talk to Studio button and have no audio, make sure you have an Operator Microphone source loaded on your console.

Alternatively, specify any source as the Talkback source by creating a Line Input source profile and defining it as the External Talk source in the Show Profile.

Note. Defining an External Talk source will override the default of using the Operator microphone. The External Talk source is useful if you want to have a Talkback source that is NOT loaded on a fader.

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